Celeb Moms Who Age Gracefully


Julia Roberts is the most recent celebrity mom to admit that whole process of aging and getting older doesn’t bother her. In fact, she accepts the transition quite gracefully.

The star of Eat Pray Love told Elle Magazine that she has no plans on having plastic surgery or getting botox, and we think that at 42, she is just as beautiful as she was during her Pretty Woman days.

In a world where women are constantly trying to figure out ways to erase the years from their bodies and faces, it’s so refreshing to see an A-list star like Julia setting a positive example for women to embrace the way they look at every age.

And thankfully she’s not the only lady in Hollywood who doesn’t mind a few wrinkles or crows feet. Here are three other celeb moms over 40 who are aging with grace.

Elle McPherson – At 46, she is still the envy of many moms on the beach!

Brooke Shields – She may be 45, but Brooke is as gorgeous as ever!  We just wish that Lipstick Jungle would come back!

Sheryl Crow – This rockin’ mama sure knows how to pull off a fresh, natural look at 48!

Photos: PRPhotos