Celeb Parents Who Take Their Kids To Work


Kids sometimes have a hard time understanding where mom or dad is all day, so showing them is a great way to explain. It also, in the vein of Take Your Child To Work Day, lets them see your accomplishments, know that they could do the same when it comes to their future career, and depending on how old they are, can teach them responsibility. Plus, it’s a great way to spend some extra time with them. I remember going to my dad’s office and being pretty darn fascinated by the fax machine and just happy to see him before 6pm.
Rapper, actor, and restaurant owner Ludacris says of his daughter Karma, “She rolls with me. Whenever I’m at the restaurant, she’s there trying to help out the servers and she gets paid for that. And whenever I’m acting, she’ll come on set and root me on. I’ll bring her to some of my shows — the clean ones I do at festivals where there are other kids. She’s my road dog and she loves it.”
Here’s a look at some other lucky kids who have gotten to see their parents in action:

Sparrow Madden was on hand with Dad Joel Madden to help him re-record We Are The World to benefit Haiti. It was history recreating itself–Grandpa Lionel sang in the original.

Emme and Max share the limelight on stage with Mom & Dad. Could a brother-sister singing act be in the future?

Salma Hayek’s little girl Valentina gets a glimpse of of what goes on the set of Grown Ups. Let’s hope she doesn’t give the press any spoilers.

Tori and Dean take little ones Liam and Stella to the launch of mom’s baby line Little Maven. We bet we know what they’re wearing.