Celeb Parent Scammer Maria Gabriella Perez Released On Bail


Maria Gabriella Perez, owner of Chez Gabriela Studio in Beverly Hills, is certainly making headlines today after being accused of fraud for scamming various celebrities by over charging their credit cards after they visited her salon.

Celebrity mom Liv Tyler was Perez’s worst victim, and was charged an extra $214,000 over the course of a few months.  That’s one expensive hairdo!

Maria Gabriella Perez’s drama may be far from over, but she was released on $50,000 bail today, which was reportedly put up by her mother, Irene Gonzalez.  She used the family house as leverage to pay the sum.

Perez definitely has some confident attorneys behind her, and one of them even said, “At this point everything is very preliminary. She did not enter a plea because today was not an arraignment. It’s very easy to make accusations but at this point everything we know so far has us believing that she is innocent.”

Innocent, huh?  Yeah, ok.

At her hearing today, Perez was forced to surrender her passport, and was instructed that she will have to wear an electronic bracelet to insure that she doesn’t skip town.

Maria is accused with two counts of fraud, and could spend 25 years in prison if she is convicted.  Maybe she can land a gig behind bars doing her fellow inmates hair?

Photo: PRPhotos


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