Celeb Smoker Moms Beware: Secondhand Smoke May Affect Kids' Mental Health

katherine heigl, secondhand smoke
Katherine Heigl Is A Celeb Mom Who Smokes!

A new study has been released that insinuates secondhand smoke may have a direct correlation with your child’s mental health.

Diseases that can be caught from a parent who smokes include ADHD as well as breathing and heart problems.

“It’s time for us to begin to prevent children’s exposure to (secondhand smoke) if we are serious about preventing these diseases,” Dr. Bruce Lanphear, who heads the Cincinnati Children’s Environmental Health Center, told Reuters Health.

Celeb moms who smoke include Kate Moss, Katherine Heigl, Melanie Griffith, Courtney Love, Michelle Williams, and Salma Hayek.

Smoking is such a disgusting and unhealthy habit that it’s not worth the risks!

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