Celeb Tomboys Are Cute But Boy With Pink Painted Toenails Causes Controversy

pink toenails
Are his pink toenails really a big deal?

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Ava Phillipe, and Sasha and Malia Obama are celebrity kids who are more likely to slip their feet into combat boots than heels.  Comfortable clothes in more “boy” style than girl is the norm for them.

Whether they don’t like the pinks and purples or maybe they just want to be like an older sibling or dress in comfort, they are tomboys.

And we all give them a pass. It’s not a big deal. But, when a boy wants something that we put into the girl fashion category, it causes controversy.

This ad, featuring J Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons and her five year old son Beckett, is causing some to question if it’s appropriate for a boy to have his toenails painted bright pink.

Critics are saying that it could cause issues with gender identity. I think if we let girls dress in tomboy fashion with no problem, then painting a 5 year-old’s toenails isn’t a big deal either.

What do you think?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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