Celebration Florida: Has the Disney Dream Been Shattered?


celebration, FLorida

Celebration, Florida was created to be an antidote to the ills and sins of the big cities. It is a community that was built to be a safe haven for families all wrapped up in the Disney package. It was to be a utopian society with white picket fences, palm trees and devoid of those big city type problems like muggings, robberies or murder. But the Walt Disney created city is not celebrating right now, they are in mourning. One of their citizens was killed in their home.

But they had a good run, the murder of 58-year-old man was the first —reported major crime to rock Celebration, FL..  The town that has almost 3,000 citizens living in about 950 households, and being in a community where a murder could happen is probably not what they signed up for. Indeed, this is probably the kind of action that they were trying to avoid and no doubt one of the reasons why they wanted to raise their families in a squeaky clean Disney environment.

Will this murder scar the community for years to come? Will it no longer be seen as a the small town utopia it was designed to be? And will Disney go into publicity overdrive to do damage control?

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