Celebration Florida: Still Safe For Families?

celebration florida
Is Celebration Florida Still Safe For Families?

Celebration Florida is a picturesque little town right near Orlando. Celebration Florida was built by Disney as a master-planned community where families could work, play, and live an easy-going lifestyle in a safe little haven. Celebration Florida was rocked by tragedy over the Thanksgiving weekend after a 58-year old man who lived alone in a condo there was found deceased.

This is the first homicide, or any major crime for that matter, that has occurred since Celebration Florida was built 14 years ago. Is Celebration Florida still safe for families? Would you take your kids there or buy a home there?

I remember visiting Celebration Florida on a trip to Orlando a few years ago and thinking what a perfect little oasis it was. From the palm-tree lined streets to the cute little train that shuttles people around town, I always thought it would be an idyllic place to live.

But after this recent unsolved homicide, I’m not sure that Celebration Florida is on my top-ten list of places to live with my family. Especially not with an unknown criminal lurking around. What do you think?