Adorable Easter Dress Ideas Inspired By Celebrity Kids


heidi-klum-kids-easterCelebrities babies in Easter outfits are ALMOST enough to make me want to have another baby!  Almost.

Heidi Klum daughter Lou is precious and there is nothing cuter than little girls in Easter dresses! Wouldn’t Lou look precious in a sweet springy Easter dress?

This bright little dress has a 1950’s look, with matching pants. Find this adorable baby dress at for $38.

easter dress

Even though Lou Sulola Samuel is 18 months old, she’s still a baby to me. Seal and Heidi’s daughter looks beautiful all the time but wouldn’t she look cute in this Marc Jacobs toddler dress from Nordstrom for $79?


I would LOVE a pair of these toddler shoes. I am not kidding!  Why do all the cute clothes have to be for kids and babies?


You can get your little one some of the fabulous pink shoes at LollipopMoon for $38.