Celebrities Share Their Happy Thanksgiving Wishes And Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes and Traditions of celebrities

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means that everyone is revelling in happy Thanksgiving wishes and sharing their happy thanksgiving traditions. And celebrities are no different! Good Housekeeping spoke with a few of our favorite celebrities and listed out a few of their favorite Thanksgiving Traditions.

Reba McEntyre – This hamburger-and-bean dish and Mexican corn bread that I like to cook. That’s my contribution. Not very Thanksgiving-ish, but I like it.”

Tina Fey – “…Eating my husband’s corn bread stuffing!”Condoleeza Rice – “…Football. Growing up in Alabama, we’d prepare the food in the morning and then watch the Detroit Lions. The Dallas Cowboys started playing that day as well, so we’d prepare the food during the Detroit game and eat dinner during the Dallas game.”

Tim McGraw – “…Me totally messing up the kitchen, and Faith pretending she doesn’t even care — but later cleaning it up when I’m not looking. I’m a good cook, but a sloppy one.”

Rachael Ray – “…Little kids. When you’re around kids and food, it’s a double payoff — just a big lovefest!”

So tell me, what are some of your Happy Thanksgiving wishes and traditions?

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