Celebrities Who Are Best Friends With Their Kids: Do Their Relationships Work?

Best Friends or Parents?

As any parent knows, trying to establish a fine line between being a strict, yet loving parent is really hard to find. While we want to try our best to love and nurture our children, sometimes it can be difficult to lay down the law and parent with strict guidelines and rules that may often be more beneficial for our kids than just being their best friend.

While there are plenty of famous mother and daughter duos in Hollywood such as Dina and Lindsay Lohan, or even Demi Moore and Rumer Willis, who often times shop together, wear each other’s clothes and even go out clubbing with one another, do their mother/daughter relationships really work? Sure, it’s sometimes great to go on a shopping trip with your mom rather than with your friends, but at one point should a mother or parent stop what they’re doing before the cross “friendship” territory?

Many experts agree that having your mother be your best friend isn’t necessarily a good thing. And while we do have the Dina Lohans and Demi Moores of the world who try to hang on to their youths by hanging on to their daughters, there are celebrity parents who have remained to stay close with their children and make their relationships work, both on a personal and professional matter. Take Beyonce and Tina Knowles for example, who remain very close to this day, but more like mother and daughter than mother and best friend with Tina setting boundaries to this day with what she does and doesn’t do with her adult children.

Check out our photo gallery of celebrity parents who are close with their kids and what the outcome of their relationships have been throughout the years and tell us, how close do you think you should be with your own children? Do you think mothers who act like best friends to their children work out well in the long run? Let’s hear your thoughts.

  • Demi Moore and Rumer Willis 1 of 9
    Demi Moore and Rumer Willis
    There's no doubt that Demi Moore in recent years has tried very much to be more of a best friend to her daughters than a mother and has even given daughter Rumer pole dancing lessons. The tables have turned though most recently on their relationship when Rumer was forced to act like a mother to Demi after she was hospitalized after a mental-breakdown earlier this year following her split with soon-to-be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher.
    Source via New York Post
  • Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles 2 of 9
    Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles
    According to celebrity mom and designer Tina Knowles, she raised her daughters Beyonce and Solange with both unconditional love and strict guidelines while they were growing up. While she describes motherhood as an "example, love, and support," she remains the best of friends with her daughters, but does set boundaries with them in order to be more of a mother figure to them rather than a best friend.
    Source via Mom Logic
  • Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus 3 of 9
    Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus
    After being known as one of the closest daddy and daughter duos in Hollywood, Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus had a very public falling out in early 2011 when Billy Ray blamed their hit show "Hannah Montana" for the demise of his family. If you recall, both Billy and Miley did everything, shared everything, and were very close with each other during the height of the former Disney starlet's success. Their family has since then patched up their differences with Billy Ray taking a back seat to Miley's career and keeping a very low public profile.
    Source via Hollywood Life
  • Joe, Tina, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson 4 of 9
    Joe, Tina, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
    Despite the different men that have passed through both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's lives, there's one man out there that these two sisters have always counted on throughout their show business years: their dad and manager, Joe Simpson. So, ok, Joe has said some pretty awkward and weird things in the past (remember when he talked about Jessica's Double D's?), but he must be doing something right to remain as close as he is with his daughters and still remain professional with them as their manager.
    Source via Rolling Stone
  • Donald Trump and his Kids 5 of 9
    Donald Trump and his Kids
    Some say that Donald Trump has become sort of a "national father figure" through his role on his fit reality television show, "The Celebrity Apprentice." Say what you will about the Donald, but for anyone who has watched the show, there's one thing you can't argue: as a father, he did one heck of a job raising to very brilliant, courteous and respectful children in his two kids, Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump. With five kids in total, Donald has managed to maintain a very loving relationship with his kids while at the same time setting the right type of boundaries with them that have ultimately led to their successes as adults.
    Source via NY Mag
  • Lynne, Britney, and Jamie Lynn Spears 6 of 9
    Lynne, Britney, and Jamie Lynn Spears
    Lynne Spears was the closest of friends with her two daughters, Britney and Lynne, until Hollywood basically blew up in their faces back in 2007 when Britney had a very public meltdown and then-teenager Jamie fell pregnant with her first child. The Spears' family have since patched up their differences, but only after Britney threatened to put a restraining order on her own mother and was none-too-pleased about her releasing a parenting book, too. In this case, Lynne is better off being the girls' mother than their best friend.
    Source via EW
  • Dina and Lindsay Lohan 7 of 9
    Dina and Lindsay Lohan
    Where can we even start with this one? Many media outlets have called mom Dina an enabler to her kids as she's constantly stood by daughter Lindsay through her very public lows with her drug, court and jail battles. Dina has oftentimes acted more like Lindsay's best friend, clubbing and shopping with her, than her mother, which as anyone can see, Lindsay desperately needs. They've even shared a very awkward "birthday kiss" with each other at a club last year.
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  • Sharon and Kelly Osbourne 8 of 9
    Sharon and Kelly Osbourne
    Back in 2002, the world was introduced to Ozzy Osbourne's family for the very first time in their hit MTV reality television show, "The Osbournes." In the show, Ozzy, Sharon, and their kids Jack and Kelly threw around more F-bombs than any other show in history. While it was very obvious that Sharon loved her children very much, I couldn't help but feel that there was an obvious lack of respect that her kids had for her with the constant foul-mouthed language they used around and at her.
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  • Kris Jenner and the Kardashian Sisters 9 of 9
    Kris Jenner and the Kardashian Sisters
    Just like the Osbournes before them, the Kardashian girls sure do use a lot of expletives toward their mom and momager, Kris Jenner. While anyone who has watched their popular E! show might know, Kris very much acts more like a "best friend" to her girls by shopping with them, hanging out with them, and even getting plastic surgery to look like them. Sure, the family might seem very close, but what goes on when the camera aren't around, we might never know. It will only be a matter of time before we find out if their family formula really works and is built to last.
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