10 Celebrity Moms with Tattoos


  • Kyra Sedgwick 1 of 10
    Kyra Sedgwick
    Kyra gets springy with a pretty sunflower on her ankle.
  • Nicole Richie 2 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole shows how far she’s flown from her partying days with angel wings on her back.
  • Leticia Cyrus 3 of 10
    Leticia Cyrus
    Miley’s mom’s tat reads, “She wants to fly” &mdash perhaps that’s why she filed for divorce?
  • Mel B. 4 of 10
    Mel B.
    The phoenix rising on Mel B.’s arm is a tribute to her daughter, Pheonix Chi.
  • Tea Leoni 5 of 10
    Tea Leoni
    This marriage is forever: Tea shows off her new wedding ring tattoo (hubby David Duchovny has one, too).
  • Angelina Jolie 6 of 10
    Angelina Jolie
    Angie definitely goes the distance for her kids. Her tats show the longitude and latitude of the birthplaces of each of her children.
  • Ryan Shawhughes 7 of 10
    Ryan Shawhughes
    Ethan Hawke’s wife has a lot of ink, including Ethan’s initials (hidden on the back of her arm).
  • Ashlee Simpson 8 of 10
    Ashlee Simpson
    Ashlee doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve &mdash she wears a rose on her left wrist!
  • Rachel Dratch 9 of 10
    Rachel Dratch
    New mom Rachel Dratch has some new ink! Here she shows off her tribal tattoo on the red carpet for The Extra Man.
  • Brandy 10 of 10
    Dancing with the Stars mom Brandy posted a Twitpic of her newest tattoo (an Egyptian god) &mdash and asked her fans what they thought.

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