Celebrity Apprentice 2011: Gary Busey Crazier Than Charlie Sheen? (Video)

celebrity apprentice 2011 gary busey
Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Gary Busey

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 is here and among the cast is Gary Busey… leading us to ask, is Gary Busey crazier than Charlie Sheen?

Right out of the gate on Celebrity Apprentice 2011, Gary Busey contributes his ideas for naming the guys’ team, with a suggestion of “Sperm Farmers.”

Yep, Gary Busey is bringing his brand of crazy, but at least it promises to make his time on Celebrity Apprentice entertaining!

Meat Loaf calls Gary Busey really creative, but says Busey needs to focus… yeah, that.

As for Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey told People: “I want Charlie to get up out of the mud and reclaim his life and I’m praying for him. The advice I have for him is to look at himself and the truth in his heart, because what he’s doing is not true to his heart.”

Watch this brilliant Charlie Sheen and Gary Busey mashup video for a little exchange of crazy.