Celebrity Apprentice - How Tall Is David Cassidy? (Video)

david cassidy
Celebrity Apprentice David Cassidy

It was a boardroom smackdown between 70’s heartthrob David Cassidy and Survivor winner (villain) Richard Hatch.  In the midst of the dual, Richard Hatch crept to a whole new low repeatedly commenting on Cassidy’s small stature.  In the course of five minutes, Hatch used the adjectives “little”, “sensative”, and “delicate” to describe the actor much to Cassidy’s dismay. 

Watch Richard Hatch critique David Cassidy below….

So while David Cassidy isn’t a huge guy like Jose Canseco, he’s not exactly as tiny as Richard Hatch would like the world to think.  David Cassidy lists his height as 5’8″ and stated that he weighs 145 pounds. 

Do you think that Richard Hatch’s critique of David Cassidy’s height was a low blow?

Photo: PR Photos