Celebrity Apprentice Showdown: Victoria Gotti's And Teresa Giudice's Fierce Styles (Photos)

Who do you think is going to win?

My New Year’s Resolution was the never write about reality television again unless it was important, but I so broke that yesterday.

I mean, Mob Wives is on VH1. Hello!

In addition, NBC let out last year’s worst kept secret by announcing the official cast of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice. There’s this person and that person on the show (we’ll worry about their names later), but the two most important cast members that will ever hear Donald Trump tell them they are fired: Victoria Gotti and Teresa Giudice.

Yep, that sound you hear is that of a table getting flipped.

New York and New Jersey’s finest treasures put their soon-to-be scripted drama on hold and posed for a picture together that Teresa posted on her Twitter page. It’s like we’re seeing Lorraine Bracco’s character from Goodfellas madeover for 2012 and doubled.

Oh, and let’s not forget. Before there was DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore, there were Victoria’s sons from Growing Up Gotti on A&E.

Check out some of Teresa’s pictures with her Celebrity Apprentice cast and tell us, who do you think is going to look better this season, Teresa Giudice or Victoria Gotti…. in their gorgeous mink coats? We can’t wait to see what they are going to wear!

  • The Celebrity Apprentice 1 of 5
    The Celebrity Apprentice
    Teresa Giudice with Nicole from the Morning Mash Up.
  • American Idol Meets Celebrity Apprentice 2 of 5
    American Idol Meets Celebrity Apprentice
    Teresa with Clay Aiken
  • Funny Girls! 3 of 5
    Funny Girls!
    Teresa with Lisa Lampanelli
  • New Friends? 4 of 5
    New Friends?
    Teresa and Dee Snyder
  • Who Do You Think WIll Win Celebrity Apprentice? 5 of 5
    Who Do You Think WIll Win Celebrity Apprentice?
    Our bets are on Teresa or the beautiful Victoria Gotti!

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