Celebrity Baby Yearbook


  • Cutest Couple: Nahla Aubry 1 of 4
    Cutest Couple: Nahla Aubry
    Because supermodel genes always find their way together. Reality, we loathe thee.
  • Most Likely to Succeed: Barron Trump 2 of 4
    Most Likely to Succeed: Barron Trump
    Because he wore a full suit to his fourth birthday party. But when your father’s The Donald, guess we shouldn’t expect anything less.
  • Class Clown: Archie Arnett 3 of 4
    Class Clown: Archie Arnett
    Mom’s Amy Poehler; Dad’s Will Arnett — the kid will be doing stand-up at lunchtime.
  • Most Fashionable: Suri Cruise 4 of 4
    Most Fashionable: Suri Cruise
    Because this high-heeled tot was rumored to give her mom fashion advice…at three years old.

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