Celebrity Baby Style: Get Roc and Roe Cannon's Cute Outfits


mariah carey nick cannon twinsRoc and Roe not only have two celebrity parents in Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but they also have a host of people sending them baby gifts. Let’s hope that old saying “You can’t spoil a newborn” is really true.

Mariah retweeted pics of cute outfits that were sent for “dembabies.” Roe’s are classic and simple pink.

Roc’s outfits are sweet, too.

Where to buy baby outfits just like the Cannon twins’ outfits? The outfits come from Ce Ce Co, which specializes in luxury baby and children’s clothing. Quality, simplicity, and timelessness seem to be their emphasis.

But, to find where to buy their clothes on their site, you have to fill out a contact form. I figured that if I have to ask, it’s probably way too pricey for most moms! But, a quick search revealed where you can buy Ce Ce Co layette items for approximately $16 to $50.  Even though I personally wouldn’t spend $50 on a newborn outfit since spit up and diaper blowouts are so common, it’s not as pricey as you might expect for a celebrity baby outfit.

mariah carey twins
Outfits for Roc

Photos: Twitter

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