Celebrity Kids and Their Security Blankets


knox-blanket-jolie-pittWhat does Knox Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, Rebecca Gayheart’s new baby girl and your kid have in common?

More than you would have thought.

It seems that all our kids have some sort of lovey to keep them safe and secure.

Knox and Rebecca’s baby both use Little Giraffe baby blankets as do Gwen Stefani’s kids and Nicole Richie’s.
Suri cruise is always seen with a furry, soft lovey blanket. It may or may not be a Little Giraffe blanket, but it’s definitely a security blanket.

My youngest son has adopted a blankey and a collection that he rotates in and out as his lovey of the moment.

Do your kids have or did they ever have a favorite baby? Did they ever have a Little Giraffe blanket? We received one as a gift and it is so soft. I can see why it would be chosen as a favorite.

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