Best Celeb Kids Back-to-School Fashion


  • Levi McConaughey 1 of 11
    Levi McConaughey
    Though mom Camila Alves is blocking most of Levi McConaughey’s outfit, we totally dig his beanie and layered tees — perfect fall essentials.
  • Grace Burns 2 of 11
    Grace Burns
    Edward Burns’ daughter, Grace, goes to school in sporty-cute striped shorts, a corresponding shirt, and sneaks. Utterly adorable!
  • Daisy Ryan 3 of 11
    Daisy Ryan
    Meg Ryan’s little girl looks rather studious with her smooth braids, brown pants, and adorable jacket.
  • Marcia Cross twins, Eden and Savannah 4 of 11
    Marcia Cross twins, Eden and Savannah
    One of Marcia Cross’ daughters goes girly for school, donning a bold red dress while walking home with dad, Tom Mahoney...
  • Marcia Cross Twins, Eden and Savannah 5 of 11
    Marcia Cross Twins, Eden and Savannah
    …while the other twin opts for more of a Tomboy look, walking home hand-in-hand with mom.
  • Violet Affleck 6 of 11
    Violet Affleck
    Violet Affleck looks just as happy as she is adorable in her school gear. We absolutely love the leggings and the pink messenger bag — and the braids don’t hurt either!
  • Ava Jackman 7 of 11
    Ava Jackman
    Think Ava Jackman likes to wear pink to school? Dad Hugh Jackman takes a break from carrying his daughter on his shoulders during after-school pick-up to chat to his bubble-gum girl.
  • Milo Langdon 8 of 11
    Milo Langdon
    Looks like Liv Tyler’s son, Milo, is a bit of a free spirit when it comes to his school garb, sporting crocs, comfortable shorts, and a nautical-striped shirt.
  • Mingus Reedus 9 of 11
    Mingus Reedus
    While Helena Christensen wears an adorable dress to pick up son, Mingus, from school, he’s far more casual in his oversized tee and baseball cap.
  • James Broderick 10 of 11
    James Broderick
    Wonder if SJP and Matthew Broderick’ son, James, was dressing for a school theme day — perhaps anatomy? — or simply likes t-shirts with rib cages on them.
  • Lily Sheen 11 of 11
    Lily Sheen
    Kate Beckinsale’s daughter, Lily, is the picture of classic and trendy schoolwear — most likely an influence of her uber-stylish mom. We absolutely love her white tights and oversized red sweater.

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