Celeb Kids Show Their Best Sour Faces


  • Sadie Sandler 1 of 10
    Sadie Sandler
    Adam Sandler’s older daughter clearly has a problem with something regarding the boogie boards her dad is purchasing — and she’s not afraid to show it.
  • Johan Samuel 2 of 10
    Johan Samuel
    Something is not right with Heidi Klum and Seal’s son, Johan. Looks like mom may be about to deal with a tantrum!
  • Kingston Rossdale 3 of 10
    Kingston Rossdale
    Kingston Rossdale isn’t afraid to stick his tongue out at the paps.
  • Ever Gabo 4 of 10
    Ever Gabo
    Milla Jovovich’s daughter, Ever, seems a bit blinded by the light coming outside of the
    Los Angeles airport.
  • Kalia Lopez Wong 5 of 10
    Kalia Lopez Wong
    Mario Lopez may have been practicing for upcoming daddy duty, but his niece doesn’t seem to be having it.
  • Violet Affleck 6 of 10
    Violet Affleck
    Despite the fun Fourth of July activities going on, Violet Affleck has a moment of discontent. Maybe sister, Seraphina, was getting all the parade candy?
  • Stella McDermott 7 of 10
    Stella McDermott
    Tori Spelling was all smiles at a book signing for her book; her daughter was a different story.
  • Ava Jackman 8 of 10
    Ava Jackman
    Hugh Jackman’s daughter seems to be majorly concerned about something during a stroll on the streets of New York.
  • Lulu Cummings 9 of 10
    Lulu Cummings
    Voice actor Jim Cummings has perfected his red carpet smile, but daughter, Lulu, still has
    some work to do.
  • Austin Sadler 10 of 10
    Austin Sadler
    E! host Catt Sadler brought son, Austin, along on the red carpet but he didn’t look too happy
    to be there.

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