Celebrity Kids: Normal Young'uns at Heart


It’s an obsession: analyzing celebrities’ parenting decisions (high heels on a tot? Really, Katie?), their tactics when it comes time to lose baby weight, their kids’  haircuts, their kids’ fashions, and, perhaps most obsessively, celebrity kids’ names. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this obsession. Because day after day, my life is drudgery. So a peek at Shiloh’s playtime and Harlow’s tutu add a dose of much-needed glamour. And yet.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that Shiloh and Harlow, Honor and Kingston, they’re all just kids. Real-life, tantrum-and-napping kids. That’s why I love this photo, taken today, of Jennifer Lopez and Emme, just before they left Paris. And below, another almost identical celebrity mom-and-tot duo. Too sweet for words.

It’s Keri Russell and son River Deary, at the Vancouver airport on Saturday.

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