Celebrity Kids On The Way To School


Ava Jackman, Hugh JackmanThe walk to school every morning is one of the few rituals that celebrity parents and the rest of us have in common. For celebrity parents and us regular folks alike, it’s kind of a special time in which we usher children through the streets of our various neighborhoods and then say goodbye for a few hours while they get pumped full of hopefully useful knowledge while we’re at work.

The main difference between them and us is, you guessed it, the fact that photographers don’t hound us while we’re trying to share a special moment. Check out a few of our favorite celebrity duos on their way to school.

Against all odds, many of these celebrity parents seem to be able to completely shake off the annoyance of being tailed on their way to school — some even thrive off of it — Hugh Jackman seems like he’s always getting snapped on his way to and from Ava’s school and he always looks like he’s in a great mood.

sjp-james-wilke-broderickHugh Jackman, Ava JackmanJennifer Garner, Violet AffleckTea Leoni, Madelaine Duchovny

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