Celebrity Kids Who Are Too Big for Their Strollers


  • Violet Affleck 1 of 9
    Violet Affleck
    Looks like mom and grandma are struggling to free Violet Affleck from her stroller — perhaps because she’s too big to be in it in the first place?
  • Ava Jackman 2 of 9
    Ava Jackman
    It’s somewhat comical to look at this photo of Ava Jackman in a stroller — she’s bursting out of it!
  • Alexander Schreiber 3 of 9
    Alexander Schreiber
    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber don’t need that double stroller anymore. Their older son, Alexander, is too big to be in it anyway!
  • Levi McConaughey 4 of 9
    Levi McConaughey
    Maybe Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves’ son, Levi, looks so distressed because he knows he should be walking rather than sitting uncomfortably in a stroller.
  • Leni and Henry Samuel 5 of 9
    Leni and Henry Samuel
    This family outing would probably be a lot easier if Heidi Klum and her helpers ditched the second stroller and let the eldest kids walk.
  • Kingston Rossdale 6 of 9
    Kingston Rossdale
    We’ve all seen Kingston running around in photos, so we’re pretty sure that stroller he’s spilling out of is unnecessary.
  • Magnus Ferrell 7 of 9
    Magnus Ferrell
    We’re fine with Will Ferrell’s second-oldest son, Mattias, riding in the stroller, but Magnus is too big for that special ride-along spot on back. But at least Will’s getting exercise pushing the extra weight!
  • Ever Gabo 8 of 9
    Ever Gabo
    Milla Jovovich’s daughter looks quite uncomfortable and cramped in that stroller, doesn’t she?
  • Marco Mastropietro 9 of 9
    Marco Mastropietro
    Actress Jill Hennessy’s son, Marco, may not be in the stroller at the time of this photo, but it’s pretty clear he was at one point. One question: Why?

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