Celebrity Mom Style: 10 Tricks Celebrity Parents Use to Hide from the Paparazzi!

celebrity mom style
Celebrity Moms Go Undercover

Sometimes a celebrity mom just wants to hide from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.  On those days when they cannot take shelter inside their plush abodes, the camera shy celebrity parent must rely on their special skills of deception to distract the lens of the cameras away from them.

Nothing sells magazines like an undone celebrity captured at their worst.With paparazzi following them everywhere from the grocery store to the gym these days, celebrities have to either learn to live with the constant attention of learn the skills to go undercover to avoid those picture perfect moments that show up in the weekly magazines.   Since no-one can look great all of the time, celebrities have to learn how to keep the photographers from capturing that shot that makes them look their absolute worst.

From over-sized hats and bags to the well placed hand over the face, we’ve dug up some of the best tactics that celebrity parents have used to hide from the paparazzi.

  • Nicole Richie: The Big Bag 1 of 10
    Nicole Richie: The Big Bag
    Celebrity moms often turn to the oversized bag to cover their mid-section and minimize any potential "bump watch" reports. Nicole Richie put her own unique spin on the big bag by covering up her make-up free face as she leaves a nail salon in Los Angeles.
  • Mariah Carey: That’s What Friends Are For! 2 of 10
    Mariah Carey: That's What Friends Are For!
    When it comes to being a friend of a celebrity, you may be called upon to do some coverup duty! Mariah Carey hides behind one of her personal trainers following a workout in New York City.
  • Orlando Bloom: Off-Duty Daddy 3 of 10
    Orlando Bloom: Off-Duty Daddy
    Dads can be camera shy too! New dad Orlando Bloom hides his face behind a hoodie as he heads to a show on Broadway in New York City.
  • Isla Fisher: Double Duty Bodyguard 4 of 10
    Isla Fisher: Double Duty Bodyguard
    Bodyguards do more than keep a celebrity safe, they also make great paparazzi shields! Isla Fisher takes cover behind a bulky bodyguard as she dashes to a waiting car.
  • Natalie Portman: In the Hood 5 of 10
    Natalie Portman: In the Hood
    For those moments when you don't have an oversized bag handy, a giant hood will do! Natalie Portman covers up with a giant furry hood while walking in New York City.
  • Christina Aguilera: A Hairy Situation 6 of 10
    Christina Aguilera: A Hairy Situation
    In the instance where the hat isn't enough of a distraction, a celebrity mom may need to rely on her hair to provide some cover! Christina Aguilera goes for both a hat and her easily recognizable blonde hair to provide some cover as she dashes from a club in Los Angeles.
  • Madonna: Booking Out 7 of 10
    Madonna: Booking Out
    Sometimes you've just got to use whatever is handy! Madonna covers her face with a big book as she leaves London's Grand hotel.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: On the Down Low 8 of 10
    Sarah Jessica Parker: On the Down Low
    What's that down on the sidewalk? Sarah Jessica Parker keeps her head down as she walks into her home in New York wearing a big hat and sunglasses.
  • Sandra Bullock: Back in Black 9 of 10
    Sandra Bullock: Back in Black
    Black is the shy celebrity's best friend! Sandra Bullock tries to blend into the city in a bulky black coat and hat while heading out in New York City.
  • January Jones: Under the Brim 10 of 10
    January Jones: Under the Brim
    Nothing says shy celeb like a hat! It may be just a bad hair day, but it looks like pregnant January Jones is trying to look less recognizable in a white hat while heading home to her Malibu beach house.