Celebrity Mom Style: Elle MacPherson — Drop Dead Gorgeous Drop Off

Elle MacPherson is Glam for Drop off!

What do you wear to drop off your kids to school? A pair of jeans and a simple shirt? Yeah, me too. Except when I drop my kid off at school I look nothing, and I mean nothing, like this.

This is How Elle MacPherson Does Drop Off

Elle MacPherson may just be wearing a pair of jeans and a crisp white blouse to drop off her 8-year-old son to school, but this super model makes this simple uniform sizzle with her 70’s inspired high-waisted jeans, gold belt and bold gold jewelry.  But seriously, she is known for getting all dolled up to do the drop off. Is it because she knows the paparazzi will be waiting for her and she has to look her best or is she just that stylish and stunning? Or maybe it’s just a mix of both. Regardless, this definitely makes me want to step up my drop-off wardrobe!

Photos: PCN

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