Celebrity Mom Style: Julia Roberts Follows Tim Gunns Commandments at Premiere

 Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts at Jesus Henry Christ Premiere

Julia Roberts and her sister Lisa Roberts Gillan hit the red carpet in support of their film “Jesus Henry Christ” at the 10th Annual Tribeca Film Festival. Julia and her sis were two of the producers of the project, with Julia just being behind the scenes and not on camera for this one. And for the world premiere,  Julia didn’t go for a gown, she wore the mom “uniform” that many of us know and love, and one that Tim Gunn would have approved. What did she wear?

Julia wore a pair of jeans, boots, a simple top and pulled it together with a black trench. A popular outfit, one I wore myself over the weekend; it’s practical and comfortable, and of course abides to Tim Gunn’s “10 Essential Items Every Woman Need’s”. In this outfit Julia Roberts used three of the ten rules trench coat, classic white shirt, and jeans.

Have you worn this outfit yourself?

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