Celebrity Mom Style: The Undone Mom - Celeb Moms Rocking the Wet Hair Look!

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Celebrity Moms Rock The Undone Look

Celebrity moms are just like the rest of us!  Sometimes even the most pulled together celebrity mom has one of those days where she just has to dash out with undone hair.  Maybe she pulls it back into a messy ponytail or covers it up with a scarf, but most of the time the undone celebrity mom just shows up with basic wet hair.

Between the red carpets and the fashion photoshoots, the celebrity mom just may have one of those days when the kids are fighting, the phone is ringing and she just has to dash out for an errand.  Rather than go for the full blowout courtesy of a Beverly Hills hair stylist, she just may have to resort to the wet hair look that just about every mom has to pull out of her bag every now and again.

Here are our favorite celebrity moms rocking the undone look….

  • Heidi Klum: The Wet Look 1 of 9
    Heidi Klum: The Wet Look
    Heidi Klum goes with the natural look with wet hair and minimal makeup as the Project Runway host leaves her hotel in New York City.
  • Katie Holmes: Beachy Chic 2 of 9
    Katie Holmes: Beachy Chic
    Katie Holmes goes with the wet and wild look during a stop at the beach in Miami with her daughter Suri.
  • Kirstie Alley: Undone Cougar 3 of 9
    Kirstie Alley: Undone Cougar
    Kirstie Alley goes with wet hair coupled with a pair of leopard print high heels while on the prowl in New York City.
  • Matthew McConaughey: Beach Bum 4 of 9
    Matthew McConaughey: Beach Bum
    The wet look isn't just for moms! Matthew McConaughey goes with the beach bum look as he takes a walk in Malibu.
  • Jennifer Garner: Mommy Wet Head 5 of 9
    Jennifer Garner: Mommy Wet Head
    Jennifer Garner is a multi-tasking mommy as she talks on her cell phone while running errands with wet hair.
  • Nicole Kidman: Freshly Showered 6 of 9
    Nicole Kidman: Freshly Showered
    Nicole Kidman looks like she just didn't have time to do her hair after a shower in New York City.
  • Bristol Palin: Working the Natural Curls 7 of 9
    Bristol Palin: Working the Natural Curls
    Bristol Palin works her natural curls with wet hair as she arrives for a practice session of "Dancing with the Stars".
  • Kate Hudson: Dashing Diva 8 of 9
    Kate Hudson: Dashing Diva
    Kate Hudson sports wet hair as she dashes out her New York apartment.
  • Kate Gosselin: Reality Mom Chic 9 of 9
    Kate Gosselin: Reality Mom Chic
    Kate Gosselin is very undone as she heads to the Ted Gibson Salon in NYC.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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