Celebrity Moms and Dads First Jobs Revealed


Celebrity Parents First JobsWe all remember that first job.  Love or hate it, it becomes a part of your story that lives on forever.  Whether it’s flipping burgers or folding t-shirts everyone started out somewhere.  So where do you think some of your favorite celebrity parents get their start?

Gwen Stefani:  Today she is the picture of a multi-tasking mommy juggling her careers as singer/songwriter and a successful fashion designer while raising uber-tots Kingston and Zuma.  Prior to her No Doubt days, she served up cones and blizzards at Dairy Queen in California.

Brad Pitt: He may be half of one of today’s most fabulous super-couples, but this leading man got his start in a chicken suit.  Yep while waiting for his big break, Brad sported a chicken costume for El Pollo Loco.    He also earned that physique by delivering refrigerators in Los Angeles before he hit it big in Thelma & Louise.

Keep reading to find out where Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and many more of our favorite stars got their start.

Amy Adams: Ms. Adams is best known for her adorable starring roles in Enchanted and Julie & Julia, but this new mom of daughter Aviana got her start working at a Hooters restaurant.

Madonna: Today she is one of the world’s most iconic celebrities, but Madonna got her start working at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New York.

Jerry Seinfeld: He’s best known for creating the show about nothing, but Jerry Seinfeld once sold light bulbs for a living.

Whoopi Goldberg: This controversial talkshow host spent time working as a bricklayer in her early years as an actor.

Matthew McConaughey:  The former Sexiest Man Alive makes audiences swoon, yet right after high school he headed to Australia for a year where he earned a living shoveling chicken manure.

Tina Fey: She’s best known for her cutting humor and spot-on impressions, but this funny lady got her start working at a swimming pool snack bar as a teenager.

Jennifer Lopez: Once the uber-diva, this mom of twins paid for dance classes by working as a legal assistant.

Johnny Depp: Who knew that Johnny Depp’s ability to get into character started as a teenager?  Depp fronted a Kiss tribute band which opened for Iggy Pop and the B-52s.

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