Celebrity Moms: How They Do it All? Nannies!


It’s no secret that celebrity moms get help from nannies… or is it?

It seems that some celeb moms are trying to show the world that they can do it all. 

Star in films, travel, manage a succesfull career AND still look amazing by eating well and exercising.  They make it look so easy, don’t they?

Meanwhile behind the scenes are helping hands.  And not just one, but several.

But we don’t see them.  We don’t see all the help that their money can buy.  Want to know how these celeb moms stay in shape?  They have cooks who make their healthy food, personal trainers to whip them into shape, stylists who dress them and a ton of housekeepers and personal assistants.

In a new book by Andrew Morton, Angelina Jolie claims she has an army of 25 staff members, including several live-in nannies, four nurses and a doctor.

Julia Roberts, who has three children, recently told Access Hollywood that she wouldn’t have been able to travel the world filming Eat, Pray, Love without the support of a “village”.

Her village includes a couple of “amazing women” who “help take care” of her three children.

But you’ll never see them.

A current In Touch headline claims Jolie’s children are “lonely” and call the nanny “mommy.”

Should celeb moms fess up that they don’t do it all and have tons of help?