Celebrity Moms Minus Makeup


Jessica Simpson recently got a lot of buzz for appearing on the cover of Marie Claire without makeup. Kim Kardashian has been receiving the same praise for her un-airbrushed photo shoot in Allure. And yes, we give these women credit, but what’s the big deal? Celebrity moms, much like regular moms, are usually so busy they do this all the time,  allowing themselves to be photographed by the paps outside without hair people, great lighting, and photogs working to catch them at just the right, flattering angle. And they still look gorgeous!

Take Jennifer Garner for instance.  Violet and Seraphina’s mom looks great without the help of lip and eye liner.

Let’s take a look at some other moms who’ve gone au naturel.


Demi Moore

Pam Anderson

Kate Winslet

Courtney Cox

Kimora Simmons

Christina Aguilera

Jessica Alba

Jennifer Lopez

Halle Berry

Heidi Klum

Katie Holmes