Celebrity Moms That Should Stay Out of the Spotlight For The Kids!

kate gosselin
Kate Gosselin

There are some celebrity moms who should really consider getting out of the spotlight for the sake of their kids.  Here are my top three picks:

Kate Gosselin

She and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin are not on good terms and their relationship is strained, probably due to Jon’s desire for his kids to have a normal life.

Jon would like the kids to stop appearing on the reality hit series, Kate Plus 8.  He tried to stop their New Zealand and Australia trip because the kids would miss school, and wanted to spend more time with them.  Especially considering the kids’ acting out at school, the spotlight and fame may be having a real negative effect.

Kate isn’t painted as a “mother of the year” and neither is Jon, but they both seem to be trying, each in their “own way”.  With eight kids to support, it’s no wonder Kate is still filming Kate Plus 8 and Jon is working a regular job.



Amber Portwood

Teen Moms

 All of them should get out of the spotlight for the sake of their kids, especially Amber Portwood.  After assaulting her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, Portwood has been in the tabloids non-stop, which won’t be good for daughter, Leah, when she grows up.

These Teen Moms seem to need the money it’s reported that some can earn up to $200,000 a year from MTV.  That’s big money for these young girls but is it right for the kids?

Britney Spears

She has probably done everything a mom should never do, but she hit rock bottom and started to clean herself up.  She’s started to redeem herself finally and is dating Jason Trawick.  So it seems as if Britney is on her way back to having a good image again, but will it last?

It seems she and her ex Kevin Federline are friendly, and he is now expecting another child with yet another woman.  They all seem like one big, happy family.  But honestly, I think Britney was doing much better out of the spotlight now that she’s back with a new album, will she be able to juggle both motherhood and her career?

Who do you think should get out of the spotlight for the sake of their kids?

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