Celebrity Moms - What's Their Secret?


alessandra_bikini-post-baby-bodyI have a little confession to make. I write about celebrities every day, but sometimes some of the topics drive me a little nuts.

How many celebrity moms have we seen shed the weight in two weeks? Why is this such an amazing feat?
The obsession with losing the baby weight is just about out of control. I read an article on Jezebel talking about the same thing and it rang true.


We have the covers of US Weekly, Ok! and countless others touting the miraculous “body after baby” of so many celebrities.  There is also the criticizing of the moms that don’t quite get it together in the weeks after delivery.

Little did we know that some were photoshopped. And not just a little.

When will it all stop? Is Kourtney Kardashian the first one to say something?

I mean really, it took a Kardashian to bring this up?

Do you think the media focuses too much on the post-baby body of celebrities?