Celebrities with "Aniston Syndrome"


Thank you, Babble readers, for all your feedback on our “Celebrities with Aniston Syndrome” feature. We have reviewed the piece, considered your opinions, and concluded that you are right. We didn’t mean the coverage to be judgment or critical, but we can see that the overall effect was unsympathetic at best, and cruel at worst.

When we created this Getting Pregnant special issue, which includes an article about Secondary Infertility and another about our broader generational struggle with timing procreation, which we called The Aniston Syndrome, we knew we were treading on forbidden territory. We are now even more acutely aware of it. These are subjects that are verboten in our culture, because most people who struggle with fertility challenges, for good reason, don’t want to talk about them. We understand why — indeed several of us here at Babble have experienced miscarriages and struggled with the issues discussed herein. Which is precisely why we think it needs to be talked about — these are subjects that need to see the light of day.

Many people in the comments here and on Jezebel have astutely pointed out that many women happily chose not to have children. This is absolutely true, and nothing in any of our pieces suggest otherwise — indeed, one article in the collection is entitled Better Late …: How infertility Improved My Life.

So yes, we steered off course with the celebrity coverage, which has now been removed from the site (the first time in our three and a half years that we have chosen to do something like this). We apologize for it, and thank you for your incisive feedback. But we hope you will take some time to peruse the rest of this issue, and join this important, at times contentious, conversation.

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