Celebrity Parenting - What Are The Pitfalls?


Celebrities enjoy many perks in and out of Hollywood. They are treated like they can do no wrong and then when they do, the “sins” are either downplayed or swept under the rug.

The pitfalls of stardom though, is the fact that they may be a little more self-absorbed than the average joe.

What does this mean for the kids of celebrities?

Sadly, it means that they are more susceptible to depression and suicide.

To feel that they are not getting enough attention, but knowing that their parents are the center of the worlds attention must be awful. It can be even be the loneliest place on earth.

The teenage years are hard enough without those feelings.

What can celebrity parents do? I say fore-warned is fore-armed.

It seems like quite a few parents out there are including their child in their celebrity, even defining themselves as a celebrity and a parent. They are not exclusively one or the other.

Not leaving the kids at home with the nanny is a good start.

What would your advice be to these celebrity parents?

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