Celebrity Parents and Domestic Violence


This whole Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz domestic violence mess, not to mention the Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller debacle, reminds us that domestic violence reaches all echelons of society, even the rich and famous. And these two couple are not alone. There have been quite a few cases of domestic violence among the jet set, and it’s not always the man doing the battering and the woman doing the accusing. But, unfortunately, lots of times children are caught in the middle. Jenna Jameson.whose twins apparently didn’t witness the incident, said yesterday she is “in love with Tito and hopes he comes home soon but he can’t.” Let’s take a look at some of the high profile cases and whether the couples stayed together in the long run.  The short answer: no.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson: Lee served four months in prison after pleading no contest to kicking Pamela Anderson while she was holding their son Dylan. Although divorced, the couple reunited upon his release from jail but eventually broke up again. And again. And again. (They seem to be broken up for good now.) They have two sons.

Ryan Haddon and Christian Slater: In November 2003, Haddon, wife of Slater, was arrested in Las Vegas for misdemeanor battery domestic violence, after reportedly throwing a glass at Slater, cutting his head. Slater was taken to the hospital, where he received 20 stitches. Haddon wound up in Clark County jail, where she was held for a 24-hour mandatory detention period before being released.  The couple separated in 2004 and their divorce was finalized in 2007.  They have two children.

Tawyn Kitaen and Chuck Finley: In 2002, model and actress Kitaen was charged with domestic violence against then-husband major league baseball player Chuck Finley. Three days later, Finley filed for divorce.  Kitaen entered “a spousal battery counseling program” and ordered to avoid contact with Finley. The couple was married for five years and have two daughters.

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