Celebrity Pregnancy Rumors: Leave These Poor Women Alone!

Nicole Richie pregnant
Many Celebs Subject to False Pregnancy Rumors

I’m not a celebrity, and honestly, I don’t know that I’d want to be with all of the pregnancy rumors that are flying around in Hollywood these days. Every day, new reports of pregnancy speculation are coming out about various celebs who happen to appear a bit fuller in photos.

Everyone knows that the camera adds ten pounds, so why are stars having to fight off pregnancy reports every time they’re captured in a shot that isn’t flattering? Seriously, can’t a girl enjoy a decent meal without everyone assuming she’s expecting?

Two of the latest celebrities to be put on bump watch were Nicole Richie last week, and Scarlett Johansson this week. Scarlett’s rep released a statement today regarding photos that were taken of her jogging with Sean Penn. While the photos do show a slight bump around her mid-section, she hardly looks pregnant, and her rep insists she isn’t.

Nicole Richie put out her own statement in response to rumors that she is expecting her third child with husband Joel Madden. She’s no stranger to her body being under a microscope, and said that it is cruel to speculate about the changes a woman’s body goes through.

Who will be next to get thrown into the pregnancy rumor mill? Will these poor girls ever be left alone?

Photo: Pacific Coast News