Celebrity Pregnancy Style - It's a Changing


Carly Cole WAG pregnancy fashionGone are the days of the maternity maxi-dress. We’ve seen more and more moms-to-be ditching the big maternity dresses and going for the sleek and sexy.

Carly Cole is just one of the mums-to-be spotting the fashion forward,  mini style.

Bethenny Frankel Pregnancy fashion

Bethenny Frankel is another. Look at her all hot-to-trot in her bright red, skin tight dress. She is not ashamed of that baby bump at all.


Claudia Schiffer looks pretty fantastic in her stylish get-up. It’s not short and tight, but it’s still pretty and feminine.

What was you favorite pregnancy outfit? Mine was my work jeans and a black maternity t-shirt. It was ever so slimming of an outfit.

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