Hollywood's 11 Savviest Single Moms


  • Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo Bullock 1 of 11
    Sandra Bullock and Louis Bardo Bullock
    Upon finding out that her husband, Jesse James, was a philanderer, Bullock decided it was full steam ahead with the adoption of her first son. The now 7-month-old Louis is being raised by Bullock and despite the domestic hiccup that occurred just before his arrival, Bullock says she can’t imagine life without him. “"He's just perfect,” Bullock told People.
  • Eva La Rue and Kaya 2 of 11
    Eva La Rue and Kaya
    When CSI: Miami star LaRue split with husband John Callahan in 2005, she got custody of then four-year-old Kaya and made a few rules for herself. “I made it a point to never say anything bad about Kaya's dad,” La Rue explained in a 2009 interview with Babble. “When people do that, they're not hurting the ex, they're just hurting the child.”
  • Michelle Williams and Matilda 3 of 11
    Michelle Williams and Matilda
    Two and a half years after Heath Ledger’s untimely death, Michelle Williams is carrying on with raising five-year-old Matilda and keeping up with her red-hot career. As far as the challenges of single parenthood, Williams stays fairly tight-lipped although she did admit to Vogue, “Every time I really miss him and wonder where he's gone, I just look at her."
  • Mary-Louise Parker, William Atticus andCaroline Aberash 4 of 11
    Mary-Louise Parker, William Atticus andCaroline Aberash

    After breaking up with fellow actor Billy Crudup while being seven months pregnant, the 45-year-old mom of six-year-old William Atticus added another member to their household in 2007 when she adopted Caroline Aberash from Ethiopia. She told More that dating as a single mom “means you come fourth, ’cause it’s my kids, my job, my family.’ I don’t ever want to come first to anyone. It’s too much pressure.”
  • Reese Witherspoon, Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese 5 of 11
    Reese Witherspoon, Ava Elizabeth and Deacon Reese
    Witherspoon separated from Ryan Phillippe in 2006 and their kids, eleven-year-old Ava and six-year-old Deacon, now split time between their amicable parents, with all four dealing with the challenges of divorce together. "It isn't anything I chose in life, it just sort of happened that way,” Witherspoon told People. “We all just do the best we can.”
  • Diane Keaton, Duke and Dexter 6 of 11
    Diane Keaton, Duke and Dexter
    She’s dated Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Al Pacino, but she’s never gotten married. Deciding to become a mother after age 50, Keaton adopted her daughter, Dexter, in 1996 and son, Duke, in 2001. As far as doing it alone, Keaton says that single parenthood has its upsides. "I don't have to worry that I'm not living up to some responsibility as a partner to somebody else," she told People.
  • Kate Hudson and Ryder Robinson 7 of 11
    Kate Hudson and Ryder Robinson
    "You realize after you have had children that you'll never love anything more than your child so it makes the new sort of single-mom dating process very different,” Hudson told Harper’s’ Bazaar. “It's like growing up.” Hudson divorced Ryder’s father, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, in late 2000 but still maintains strong contact with Robinson for their son, Ryder.
  • Sheryl Crow, Wyatt Steven and Levi James 8 of 11
    Sheryl Crow, Wyatt Steven and Levi James
    Stating that ex Lance Armstrong inspired her to adopt without a husband, Crow adopted Wyatt in 2007, just barely a year after she was treated for breast cancer. This past June, she adopted again. “I'd just been through a pretty painful breakup… and breast cancer treatment. After that, I felt an acute sense of urgency about how I wanted my life to feel,” Crow told Redbook. “Since I wasn't married, my idea of what the picture was supposed to look like no longer served any great purpose.”
  • Kelis and Knight Jones 9 of 11
    Kelis and Knight Jones
    When singer Kelis split from rap mogul Nas in April of 2009, an attorney ruled that Nas would fork over $44,000 a month in child and spousal support. Now one year old, Knight lives with his mother who is currently working to break out of her image as the sultry “Milkshake” songstress in favor of a more mature pop star.
  • Teri Hatcher and Emerson Rose 10 of 11
    Teri Hatcher and Emerson Rose
    Divorcing The Closer actor Jon Tenney in 2003, Hatcher was left to raise their daughter, Emerson Rose, 13, on her own. For women doing it all, Hatcher warns to play it smart. “As a single mom, there’s always a nagging feeling that this could go away in a poof,” she stated in a recent Babble interview. “You have to be conservative and smart; no Ferrari for me.”
  • Liv Tyler and Milo William Langdon 11 of 11
    Liv Tyler and Milo William Langdon
    Despite her rocker roots as Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv maintains a relatively paparazzi-free existence with five-year-old Milo, son of Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon. “I don't have any urge to run naked along a beach or get drunk at a party,” Tyler stated in an interview with British Cosmo. “I live quietly in New York, out of the public eye. I don't go out much. My favorite nights are staying in watching TV or going to a movie and eating popcorn."
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