Celebrity Style Find: Poppy Montgomery's Mommy Must Haves

poppy montgomery
Poppy Montgomery's Mommy Must Haves

What does a busy celebrity mom stash in her bag for those emergency mom moments on the go?   When it comes to being a mother to a busy boy, the mommy must haves focus more on necessity and less on indulgence!

Without a Trace star Poppy Montgomery reveals her mommy must-haves in this week’s issue of US Weekly and we’ve dug up her favorite picks….


Stain Buster:  “I wear a lot of white, but my son, Jackson, is always wiping his chocolate hands on me.  A Tide pen is the best thing ever if youi have a three-year-old!!”

Sweet Tooth Buster: “Gummi bears are my go-to snack.  I need sugar throughout the day.  Plus, if Jackson throws a tantrum, I offer him one and he calms right down.  So it’s a bribe too!”

Special Note Taker: “My mom gave me a pen with a guardian angle on it.  I only use it for special things.  I don’t want it to run out of ink.”

You can catch Poppy paying tribute to Harry Potter next Monday in the Lifetime Original Movie “Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story”.  This fall she returns to CBS in the lead role of their new series “Unforgettable”. 

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