Celebrity Style: Jessica Alba Goes Green for Baby's Nursery

jessica alba
Jessica Alba Eco Friendly Baby Nursery

Jessica Alba has made no secret about her desire to raise daughter Honor in a green lifestyle.  This eco-mama is already planning to pass her eco consciousness down to the new baby that she is expecting later this year.  When it comes down to getting ready for baby, Jessica is paying attention to her purchases and seeking out the best green products out there.   When it comes to getting the nursery ready, it looks like she’s going to head down the path to reuse and recycle potential furniture options.

She tweeted her weekend plans to stock up on nursery furniture this morning writing, “Headed 2 do some flea market furniture shopping for nursery. Do any of u like antique furniture shopping? Got before n after pics?”  Later she added, “I bargained my preggs booty off at Rose Bowl flea market & got awesome stuff!”

Back in 2008 when Jessica was stocking daughter Honor’s nursery, she made no secret that she was making the nursery as green as possible.    This time around, it appears she will add to her green baby products with some recycled furniture from the local flea market.   While she should steer clear of some of the old school baby furniture itself (many of the cribs, high chairs, and changing tables don’t meet modern safety standards), a flea market is a great place to add some basic furniture pieces and add some extra vintage charm to the nursery.  

We can’t wait to see what Jessica comes up with to bring some green charm to her baby’s nursery this time around!

Photo: Pacific Coast News