"Celebrity Wife Swap"'s Carnie and Tracey: Who Has the Better Mom Style? (Photos)

Carnie's a laid-back mom

Office break rooms everywhere are buzzing about last night’s premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap, where singer Carnie Wilson and former child star Tracey Gold switched places to see what life is like inside another family’s household.

And boy, they couldn’t have been any more different. Tracey, who made her name as daughter Carol Seaver in Growing Pains, raises her four boys in a hyper-organized, planned-to-the-minute home; Carnie, formerly of Wilson Phillips, has a cluttered but more relaxed lifestyle.

But despite the two moms’ polar-opposite natures, each taught the other some valuable lessons. Carnie helped Tracey’s sons have more fun – bouncing on their beds, spraying hair color on each other. Tracey’s loving marriage was an inspiration to Carnie, who practically has to beg her husband to hug her every once in a while.

So which of the mom styles do you think is better for kids? And which style do you most resemble?

  • Carnie: Messy and Loving It 1 of 7
    Carnie: Messy and Loving It
    Tracey's house is Martha Stewart-neat; Carnie doesn't mind dishes in the sink and laundry piled everywhere. (Image: Bill Longshaw;
  • Tracey: On the Clock 2 of 7
    Tracey: On the Clock
    Tracey is "never late" getting her boys to school and activities, even if it means lots of time in the car. Carnie can't stand a rigid schedule and admits to running late - but she thinks it's less stressful. (Image: digitalart;
  • Carnie: Nannies Help Out 3 of 7
    Carnie: Nannies Help Out
    With her busy tour schedule, Carnie needs a hand with her two young daughters. Tracey prides herself on raising her boys without nannies or housekeepers. (Image: ambro;
  • Tracey: Family Dinners Are a Must 4 of 7
    Tracey: Family Dinners Are a Must
    At the Gold-Marshall house, everyone sits down to meals together and talks about their day. For Carnie, who's often on the road, meals are improvised or take-out, and rarely does the whole family eat as a unit. (Image: piyato;
  • Carnie: Let the Kids Choose Their Clothes 5 of 7
    Carnie: Let the Kids Choose Their Clothes
    While Tracey sets out her sons' outfits every morning, Carnie thinks children should pick their own wardrobe - even if they want to wear a Christmas shirt in July. (Image: photostock;
  • Carnie: Go Ahead and Fart! 6 of 7
    Carnie: Go Ahead and Fart!
    Farting, burping, Silly String fights - Carnie believes kids should be kids! Tracey's boys had fun letting loose for a change. (Image: digitalart;
  • Tracey: Let the Kids See You Kiss 7 of 7
    Tracey: Let the Kids See You Kiss
    Tracey and husband Roby Marshall are openly affectionate and love spending time together. Carnie wishes husband Rob were more tender. "You make it look so easy," she told Tracey. (Image: photostock;

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