Celebs Help in Bid for World Cup

Elle MacPherson World Cup
Will Elle MacPherson be convincing in the World Cup bid?

This morning,  FIFA’s executive committee will decide which nations will host the World Cup finals in 2018 and 2022.  Because of how  high profile and profitable it is to host the World Cup, countries have been doing all they can in their bids to host. Multi-million dollar campaigns were launched.

England and Russia seem to have an edge for 2018 while the USA and Australia are the favorites for 2022. We’ll have to wait to hear the results as a surprise is always possible.

What celebrity names are helping their countries with the bid for the World Cup?

Former President Bill Clinton was sent as part of the representatives for the US. Morgan Freeman was on hand, too. Two big voices might be convincing enough.

England sent royalty, of course, in the form of Prince William. David Beckham, one of the most recognizable names and faces of sports was also there. Prime Minister David Cameron joins in, too.

Australia is going for the glamor with Nicole Kidman and Elle “The Body” Macpherson.

Which countries will be the most convincing? Who will get to host the World Cup?

Photo: PRPhotos