Celine Dion Life Revolves Around Son's Schedule


340x-1Celine Dion doesn’t let work get in the way of her family life. The songstress has made her son Rene-Charles her top priority, which she says has been “so rewarding.”  Being a superstar, she can call the shots and that means she sets up her shows to work with her son’s schedule. Celine told Access Hollywood…

“We going to be doing 70 shows a year and I’m building my career right now around my son’s schedule,” she said of her return to her popular show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Vegas.

“It’s the greatest fun that I’ve had for years, feeling that I don’t have to kind of build a career but just try to do it because I love doing it and that the people that I love the most are with me.”

Access also asked her why she wasn’t at the opening of the winter Olympics in her native Canada. She said: “I’m going through some in vitro treatments – so that was my choice,” she said. “I’m trying to [grow] my family, be with my son and maybe be a mom for a second child, hopefully. That would be my biggest dream right now.”


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