Céline Dion to Continue Breastfeeding Twins in Vegas

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Celine Dion will continue breastfeeding in Vegas

Céline Dion plans to carry on breastfeeding her twins when she starts her Las Vegas gig.

Dion is about to start a three-year run of concerts at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on March 15th and says she will continue to breastfeed.  You go girl!

“I can either go to them or they can come to me — it’s going to be practical, it’s going to be easy since I’m still breastfeeding the babies, so it’s every three hours for both,” she told Access Hollywood.

“The show is an hour and 40 minutes. Then I have time to shower and get loose and relax and breastfeed the babies again and then have a bite and go to bed myself.”

Wow!  She makes it sound so easy, doesn’t she?

Her sons, Nelson and Eddy, are now four months old, and she also has a 10-year-old son Rene-Charles, with husband Rene Angelil.

The 42-year-old singer also revealed Rene-Charles is getting on well with his new siblings and is always trying to make them laugh.

“He’s (Rene-Charles) in school, he’s got his buddies, he’s 10 years old. Of course he’s playing funny face with them, you know, he’s doing all that type of things.”