Celine Dion Twin Baby Bump Pic 7 Jours Magazine Cover


Celine Dion twin baby bump magazine coverHoly baby bump! Celine Dion shows off her twin baby bump in this 7 Jours magazine cover picture – and husband Rene Angelil their son, Rene-Charles, who is now 9, and the family dog pose too.

I love this magazine cover because Celine Dion looks so natural no caked on makeup, no photoshopping, no uber posing… just a pure moment with her family.

Celine Dion is due to have twin boys in November, after a long haul trying to get pregnant again. This was Celine and Rene’s sixth attempt at in-vitro fertilization.

Earlier in the week, rumors flew that Celine Dion was having pregnancy complications, but her rep assured fans by telling, “She’s never been in the hospital. Her pregnancy continues to be healthy, and she feels fantastic.”

Have you been following Celine Dion’s pregnancy? What do you think of her baby bump cover picture?