Chace Crawford Might Go to Jail: Bad for Him, Good for Kids?


I’m not the kind of person who rejoices in another person’s misery. But when I heard that Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is looking at a possible sentence of six months in jail for possession of marijuana, a tiny corner of my mom heart thought: good.

Because while going to jail would be bad news for him, it would be great news for our kids. Crawford, after all, stars in Gossip Girl, a mega-hit among the teen set. And, he’s a heartthrob. Lots and lots of kids admire him, and pay attention to his every move. So his being punished with  the full weight of the law for getting caught with dope would send a great message to our kids that drugs are nothing to trifle with.

Admittedly, I’ve hard drug use among teens on the brain lately, in large part because of Katie Allison Granju’s heartrending blog posts about her teenage son’s death after a drug overdose and violent beating landed him in the ICU, struggling to survive.

A point Granju makes is that drug use among teens shouldn’t be written off as experimentation or normative behavior—it should be seen for what it is, a serious life-threatening behavior. So along those lines, I am rooting for Chace Crawford to be punished, for his own good—and for the good of the rest of us.

What do you think? Should Crawford do jail time?

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