Challenger Explosion 25 Years Later: Watch the Disaster That Changed a Generation

challenger explosion
Challenger Crew

Where were you when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 25 years ago?  I was sitting on the gym floor of my middle school watching the teacher turned astronaut head into space.  It was one of those moments that shook the world and marked the lives of just about everyone who witnessed it.

Watch the video of the Challenger Explosion….

At 11:39 AM EST on January 28, 1986, a generation of kids had the image of the Challenger explosion burned into their memories where it would forever rest with similar world jarring events.  

By the time the Challenger was getting ready to take off, we had largely become bored with the missions after the initial excitement over their launches.  Yawn, ANOTHER shuttle takeoff was about to happen.  Then NASA decided to change everything and send a teacher into space.   With the addition of teacher Christa McAuliffe they made a jaded nation care.  Care enough to watch every move before the mission.  Care enough to chronicle her training activities.  Care enough to pack a generation of kids into gyms across the country to watch the shuttle take off live.  Care enough to be changed forever by the events we witnessed that morning. 

Watch the video that changed a generation of kids below….

Photo: Wikipedia