Chandra Wilson Needs Help with Veggies


She may play Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy, but in real life actress Chandra Wilson needs help from the pros when it comes to getting her son to eat his veggies!  She turned to Tv’s dream medical team “The Doctors,” for some practical advice.  Chandra asked The Doctors, “So should I fight him to eat these vegetables, right? Just asking!”

Chandra’s first instinct was to avoid fighting with her son about eating vegetables, in hopes that he’d grow out of hating healthy food.  But, the more she thought about it, she wasn’t sure.  That’s why she appeared on the celebrity edition of The Doctors.   Dr. Jim Sears addressed Chandra’s question.  He told her to lead by example ( that means eat your veggies in front of the kids), always have healthy food out (kids are more likely to try them if they see them) and make food fun.  Dr. Sears suggested three specific foods – zucchini pancakes, squash french fries and zucchini cupcakes. (More info can be found at Dr. Sears best advice though — make everything look like a french fry!

photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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