Chantal O Brien Boyfriend: Is Chantal Better Off Without Bachelor Brad?

chantal o'brien boyfriend bachelor brad
Is Chantal O'Brien better off without Bachelor Brad?

Chantal O Brien revealed that she has a new boyfriend during last night’s After the Final Rose special, leading us to ask “Is Chantal better off without Bachelor Brad?”

Learn more about Chantal O Brien’s boyfriend, Jeff Razore (photos, video)!

While we don’t know if Chantal O’Brien’s new relationship will go the distance, we have to think he may be a better catch than Bachelor Brad.

First, Bachelor Brad Womack has always seemed like a goober to me Sarah Silverman hits the nail on the head in this video, when she calls Brad a “zero.”

Second, if you caught The Bachelor After the Final Rose special, you saw Brad’s new fiancée, Emily, talk about how Brad has quite a temper, and that’s part of the reason for Brad and Emily’s break up.

To be honest, it kind of sounds like Brad can be an angry jerk, so maybe Chantal O Brien is better off?

There’s not a lot known about Chantal’s boyfriend, Jeff Razore, but it seems like finding your perfect mate is a lot easier in the real world than on reality TV!