Chantal O Brien: Who is Chantal O Brien's Boyfriend, Jeff Razore? (PHOTOS)

Chantal O Brien boyfriend Jeff Razore The Bachelor finale
Chantal O Brien boyfriend Jeff Razore

Chantal O Brien may not have won Brad Womack’s heart on The Bachelor finale, but she moved on with a new guy.

Who is Chantal O’Brien’s boyfriend, Jeff Razore? Photos and details below…

During The Bachelor After the Final Rose special (video), Chantal O Brien talks about how she has a new boyfriend now and has moved on.

Chantal says “I’m happy that you’re happy” to Brad, who says, “I’ve heard that you’re happy too… I’m happy that you’re happy, that goes both ways.”

Womack adds, “He’s a very lucky guy, whoever he may be.”

Chris Harrison asks her to clarify and Chantal explains, “When I went home, I was obviously very hurt… it’s funny because I happened to meet somebody,” adding that it was “totally unexpected” and that “he’s definitely everything I’ve been looking for.”

Who is Jeff Razore? Razore is from Seattle, graduated from the University of Washington and launched NDR Media. He works as a marketing consultant at Evergreen Capital Management, according to Twirlit, which also has Jeff Razore photos.

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