Chantal O'Brien Knew Brad Would Dump Her Before Rose Ceremony

chantal o'brien
Chantal O'Brien Knew Brad Would Pick Emily

Chantal O’Brien got her heart broken on The Bachelor Finale last night when Brad Womack sent her home and put a ring on Emily Maynard’s finger instead of hers.

Although the cameras make it look like Chantal was surprised that Brad chose Emily over her, it turns out that Chantal knew she was getting dumped by Brad the minute the limo pulled up to the Rose Ceremony.

US Weekly reports that she told Regis and Kelly on today’s show, “I felt pretty confident, but when I was in the limo [driving up to the proposal site], I thought ‘it’s too early for a proposal — they usually do this at sunset.”

It’s no secret that the first girl out of the limo is always the one who gets the boot, so it must have been excruciating for Chantal O’Brien to get out of that car and put her game face on knowing her relationship with Brad Womack was over.

Chantal has since moved on to a new boyfriend, and we wish her all the best!